Lab 8: Interacting with the Network


In this lab, you will be continuing to learn about how to interact with servers. In part 1, you will be learning how to extract information about HTTP requests and responses using the developer tools. In part 2, you will have a chance to build the first section of your final project. This will give you a chance to work with multiple different types of operations on APIs

Part 1: Using the Developer Tools' Network Tab

Please use the Network tab in the Developer Tools to answer the following questions. Please check the "Disable cache" box before answering these questions. It should help you get more consistent results.

  1. When you browse to, how many requests does the page make on its own (before you start interacting with things)?
  2. What is the domain name of the server(s) where the fonts are located?
  3. What other domain names are requested?
  4. When you create a new note on the sample app, what kind of fields does it respond with?
  5. What server software is being used to handle the note creation request? Hint: Look at the response headers
  6. What happens on when you navigate to an article and mouse-over an internal link on a page. Note: you'll need JavaScript enabled to see this. Also, I don't need a ton of detail. Just the high level (What request method is used? To what URL? What is returned?)

Part 2: Note Taking Prototype

For this part of the lab, please create a single web page that allows users to take notes using the same API from the final project. A user should be able to:

  • Create notes that have at least a title and some content
  • Delete notes that they have previously created
  • Load the user's currently saved notes and display them when the user loads the page

The user interface can look however you want. You should probably at least have an input element for the note's title, a textarea for the note's content, and some button / element for the user to interact with to save/delete the note. Notes must persist across page refreshes (using the server API below will store them on the server)

You can use the following types of requests to perform the above actions (assuming a user with an ID of abc-123):

  • POST
    • A POST request to this URL creates a new note
    • The body of the request should be a JSON string of a JavaScript object that has a "title" property and a "content" property. Remember to use JSON.stringify() when setting up the request body
    • You'll also need to pass the Content-Type header as application/json
    • This will delete a note given a user ID and a note ID
    • Assumes there is already an existing note with an ID of bcd-234
    • You don't need to pass a request body or any headers
  • GET
    • This will fetch all the notes for the given user ID (abc-123)

For all of this to work, you will need to create a user. To do that, you should make the following request:

  • POST
    • No request body is needed
    • No headers are needed

For now, feel free to create this user with a one-off fetch call. You just need to generate a valid user ID so that you can make all of the calls described above. You can hardcode this generated user ID into a variable in your page's JavaScript. Once you have your personal user ID, you would substitute it for the abc-123 portion of the URLs above. Your page should not generate a new user every time somebody loads the page because then they would not be able to see the notes from the last user they were using.


As usual, please upload your submission to the appropriate Canvas assignment as a zip file. Your zip file should include any HTML, CSS and JavaScript you wrote to complete the lab as well as a text file (.txt) for the answers from Part 1.


I am not too picky about the appearance of your site. I am more concerned that it meets all of the requirements listed above and behaves properly.

The main things I am looking for in this lab are:

  • Are the answers to part 1 correct?
  • Can users create new notes?
  • Can they view them later? Is the data persistent?
  • Can they delete their notes?